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Undertaking projects around your home is critical to maintaining your house as well as giving it that “homey” feel. However, home improvement projects can seem daunting sometimes, so they never get done. There is good news: here are a couple of home improvement projects that don’t take too much time.

A great weekend project is to upscale your home’s entry. This can be done simply by giving your front door a new coat of paint and adding a welcome mat.

You can also easily add molding or a chair rail to change the feel of a room. If you take the initiative to ask for pieces pre-cut to size, installation will be a snap.

Another project that is simple, but will take several weekends is reseeding dead grass spots. Whether it’s from your dog or an object sitting on your lawn, taking the time to reseed the area will make your lawn look so much better.

Lastly, spice up your home with a fire pit. This may take up a little bit more time than painting your door, but it essentially adds a whole new living area to your home. All you need to do is dig a small pit, fill it up with gravel, then use stones or bricks to build the walls of your fire pit. From there, you can add chairs around the pit or use stones to build a sitting area.

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