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What are some Common Commercial Roofing Problems?

While many homeowners are aware of problems they could incur on their residential roofs, it takes some research to find out common problems with commercial roofs. Getting some insight ahead of time will help you prepare so you are not caught off guard in the future. Here are some common commercial roof problems that you can begin to fight now:

As with all roofs, commercial roofs are prone to leaks. If you spot something fishy, call a professional to inspect the roof. Often times problems will start out small and, if effectively diagnosed, can be fixed relatively inexpensively and quickly. Make sure the inspection is done right to avoid larger problems.

Due to heat, commercial roofs are prone to shrinkage and cracking. The intense sun can wear out the roof and cause it to shrink or crack, which can lead to many other issues.

Blow-offs and billowing are common for commercial roofs. When the roof is not installed or maintained properly, it is prone to these problems, which can be expensive to repair and can cause you a lot of stress.

Commercial roofs, due to their pitch and large surface area, can collect large amounts of debris. When the debris sits, it can cause moss or mold growth, clog vents and drains, and leave the roof more prone to leaks.

These problems can be prevented with a proper diagnosis and proper maintenance, so make sure to keep your roof clear of debris and have a professional inspect your roof once or twice a year. It can save you money in the long run.

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