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How Long Do Shake Roofs Last?

Shake roofs have been a popular roofing choice for many years. They have a unique look that many homeowners love, and have a durability similar to an asphalt roof. Let’s talk about what makes a shake roof so unique and how long it will last.

Shake roofs are extremely unique. They are made from wood, so they are environmentally friendly and are a good choice for anyone who is mindful of the environment. They also have a rustic look that is unparalleled.

The downside to them is that shake roofs have to be maintained on a regular basis to look their best. They must be inspected regularly, like any roof, but maintenance requires a bit more than just cleaning off debris. Leaves, dirt, and sticks can settle in the crevices of the roof, making them hard to reach. A thorough sweep of the roof must be done, taking care to clean out those crevices. Additionally, mold or moss buildup can occur and needs to be handled by professionals. For health and saftey reasons, homeowners should not attempt to remove mold or moss buildup.

All in all, if a wood shake roof has been properly maintained, it can last up to 30 years. The beautiful rustic look this roof provides can be well worth the time spent to maintain it.

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