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Ladder Safety for Roofing

Ladders can be useful for many home and roof maintenance projects. Whether it be accessing your roof, cleaning out your gutters, or painting/repairing siding, they all require a ladder. When you using your ladder, proper precautions should always be taken. Here are a few ladder safety tips to follow the next time a home improvement project pops up.

Always make sure your ladder’s feet are sitting squarely on the ground. If one foot is slightly raised in the air and you need to access that portion of the house, dig up some dirt from underneath the foot sitting on the ground. Don’t try to put an object underneath the ladder.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding having a steady base for your ladder: never set up your ladder on snowy, muddy, or icy surfaces. This could cause the entire ladder to fall out from under you and can cause serious damage.

Carry the tools needed to complete the job using a tool belt. Using both hands to climb the ladder will help stabilize you and will help you feel more in control as you climb.

Standing on the top rungs of your ladder is very dangerous, so if you have to climb on your roof using your ladder, make sure the ladder extends a couple of feet past the edge of your roof.

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