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Repairing A Leaking Skylight

Roofs can occasionally incur a leak or two due to damage or improper maintenance. However, skylights are even more prone to leaking. Water can pool around your skylight on your roof, which gives it a larger chance to find a crack and slip through. This makes knowing how to repair a leaking skylight doubly important. Here are a few steps to follow to seal the leaks in your skylight and keep your home dry.

Make sure to check if the “leak” is actually just condensation. A humid room or cold weather can cause moisture to collect on the skylight where it will then drip down. This is normal and does not mean a repair is in order.

Carefully lift up the shingles around your skylight and check the flashing for any cracks. If you spot them, use a caulking gun filled with roofing cement to seal any cracks you may see. If you cannot spot the cracks where the leaks are occurring, take a garden hose and spray around your skylight until you can see where the water is entering. Take care to reseal your shingles when you are finished sealing the flashing.

If you feel uncomfortable on your roof or simply cannot spot the leak, it is never a bad idea to call in a professional. This will insure that the leak is found and is sealed correctly.

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