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A Checklist For Spring Cleaning Your Roof

Keeping your roof well-maintained is imperative when owning a home. Proper maintenance will help protect your home from leaks and the costs associated with repairs. Here are a few tips to help you keep your roof in top shape this spring.

Clean Gutters:
Cleaning out your gutters is an important part of roof maintenance. Neglecting your gutters can cause them to clog up with dirt, leaves, and other debris. Once the spring rains hit, this will leave you susceptible to overflow, which can result in leaks.

Inspect Roof:
Take a look at your roof this spring and examine it for missing or damaged shingles. A quick examination can save you a lot of money in the long run. If you feel uncomfortable getting out on your roof, or you are unsure what to look for, call a professional to come and inspect your roof.

Trim Branches:
Overhanging tree limbs can fall and damage your roof when storms hit. They can also block the sun from drying out your roof. This can lead to mold and algae buildup on your roof. Make sure to trim any overhanging limbs.

Examine Inside of Attic:
Crawl up into your attic space and look for any light or water seeping through your roof. This is indicative of a leak and should be repaired immediately.

If you would like to schedule an inspection or repair, give us a call at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).