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Can Re-Roofing Be Done In The Winter?

Sometimes leaks occur at the most inopportune times, like during the winter months. On top of that, sometimes those leaks require a full replacement of the roof to fix it. Is it possible to replace a roof during the winter? The short answer is yes, it is possible. However, it is not advised for several reasons.

Most obviously, the main reason is that roofs get slick during the winter. This becomes a problem if you have a crew walking around up there to do a job. When it gets cold, the slightest amount of water can freeze on the roof and create slick spots, which is extremely dangerous. A roofing company is going to be very cautious when considering a job in the wintertime. Additionally, the cold weather can be difficult for the crew to work in and can slow down the work.

Finally, shingles can be more brittle when it gets cold outside, though they can still be applied. The cold weather may affect the effectiveness of the self-sealant on the underside of the shingles.

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