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Cleaning And Maintaining Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutters should be an essential for every homeowner. Not only does keeping your gutters free of debris save you from overflowing water on rainy days, it can also save you thousands of dollars in potential damage.

When dirt, leaves, sticks, or twigs are left to accumulate in your gutter, rain can cause these items to absorb water. This extra weight can put a lot of stress on your gutter and can pull them off your house. This is time-consuming and will cost you money to repair, but breaking gutters can also smash windows or cause damage to your siding, as well, which will cost you even more.

Water flowing over the side of your gutters can also cause damage to the paint and even to the wall itself. If water ends up seeping inside your wall, it can cause a mess of wood rot.

In order to clean your gutters, it is wise to have gloves, a dust mask, safety goggles, and a garden trowel on hand. The gloves will protect your hands in case there are sharp objects in your gutter and the dust mask and goggles will help protect your eyes and lungs when removing debris.

Make sure to have a spotter when you are up on your ladder cleaning your gutters. This will help keep your ladder steady and can prevent serious accidents.

If you have any further questions regarding the health of your roof or gutters, please contact our office at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).