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Common Problems With Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs are the most common roof used today. They are inexpensive, relatively lightweight, easy to install, easy to repair, and do a great job protecting a home from the elements. However, asphalt roofs, like any other roof, can incur problems.

One very prominent problem with asphalt roofs is granule loss. The granules on the shingles help to protect the shingles and the rest of the roof from the sun and weather. Once the shingles start to go bald, you can know your roof is nearing the end of its life.

Asphalt shingles are prone to tearing. When extreme temperature changes occur, the shingles can crack open. The cracks allow moisture to seep through the shingles, which can cause leaks and other moisture-related damage to your home. It is important to note that sometimes cracks are small and undetected. If you suspect any cracks in your roof, have a professional come out to conduct an inspection.

Asphalt roofs can also lose shingles in the event of severe weather or high winds. The missing shingles leave the underlayment completely exposed, which can lead to leaks and serious water damage. Following a storm, conduct a quick search of your roof to make sure all your shingles are still in place.

Algae and moss can also affect asphalt roofs. These both tend to grow in damp, shaded areas and can cause damage to the roof, resulting in leaks and a shortened roof life.

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