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Does Reflective Roofing Make Sense?

Energy efficiency not only helps the environment, but it lowers your energy costs as well. Typically, energy efficiency in the home is applied to light bulbs or appliances, but those are not the only items. Your roof plays a bigger role in lowering energy costs than you may think. For many, the answer is a more reflective roof, but does this make sense?

Darker colored roofs absorb more heat than do lighter colored roofs. This translates to warmer temperatures inside the home, so your cooling unit must work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures. This results in higher energy costs.

Reflective roof coatings exist to make having a more reflective roof attainable, but these are usually not recommended for use on a typical asphalt shingle roof. If you are seeking out a reflective roof, it is best to have your current roof replaced. There are cooler asphalt shingles that contain specially coated granules that reflect sunlight better than a traditional roof.

If you have any further questions about reflective roofing or if you would like to have a new roof installed to lower your energy costs, give Outdoor Creation’s Roofing a call at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).