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Winter Gutter Maintenance 

Gutters perform a critical task in protecting your roof. They help drain water in an efficient way that shields against damage to your foundation. This is especially critical in the wintertime. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams on your roof, as water is prevented from draining and then freezes. Should water overflow your gutters and pool around your foundation, water can seep into cracks and expand as it freezes, leading to even further damage. How, then, should you go about maintaining your gutters in the winter?

First and foremost, keep your gutters clear of debris. While the cold weather can be unpleasant, keeping your gutters clear will guard against ice dams, and can save you from costly repairs to fix leaks and water damage.

Check your gutters for cracks and leaks. If your gutters are not draining in the proper places, damage to your foundation can occur. If you spot leaks in your gutter, either replace the gutter section or seal the crack with silicone caulk.

Make sure water is not draining and pooling around the foundation, as gutters should function to drain water away from the foundation of the house. If water is draining and pooling in an inappropriate place, make corrections so they water drains away from the house.

If you have any further questions about gutter maintenance and need a gutter repair, contact our office at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).