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Why Do Roofs Blow Off?

Most people who live in tornado alley have seen a home with a roof that has been blown off. This can be devastating for a home or a family, and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Its prevalence, however, is just accepted, but many do not know what exactly causes a roof to blow off. If you have ever wondered why, you have come to the right place.

This issue boils down to something called Bernoulli’s Principle. This is the same physics principle that allows airplanes to fly. As air moves faster, it creates an area of low pressure. If an object is in an area of high pressure, it will be pushed towards the area of low pressure. This is such a powerful force that it can lift entire jumbo jets off the ground, much less a roof.

As high winds from a storm move across your roof, they create an area of very low pressure, especially relative to the pressure that is underneath your roof. It eventually gets to a point where your roof can no longer withstand the push of the high pressure underneath and it comes loose. Additionally, winds can tear through your home and end up pushing up on your roof causing it to blow off.

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