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When Are Flat Roofs Beneficial?

Flat roofs are most commonly used on commercial buildings due to the large surface area of the building and other various factors. They are not often seen on residential homes. So this begs the question – when are flat roofs beneficial?

Flat roofs are an excellent choice when on a budget. The installation, materials, and maintenance are very inexpensive, which makes them a popular choice for commercial building owners. They also provide more usage area, which is ideal in an urban environment. A flat roof can be transformed into a green roof, which allows for extra living area and aids in storm drainage. Furthermore, solar panels can be installed very easily, which ultimately lowers energy costs for the building.

Flat roofs do not perform quite as well in cold, wet areas. Water tends to pool on the roof which can lead to leakage. This means that flat roofs can be very beneficial in warm, dry climates since they are cheap, energy efficient, and can support solar panels.

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