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Where Do I Buy Shingles To Match My Roof?

Most homeowners will have to repair their roof over the course of owning their home. Sometimes repairs can be small and only require one or two shingles to be replaced. Other times, large portions of your roof must be repaired. One of the first questions you probably want answered is where do you go to buy matching shingles?

Shingle color can be tough to match. If you have no shingles leftover from the previous installation, the style and color must be tracked down to make a match. Additionally, your roof color will fade over time. If your roof has faded, it can be even tougher to find a matching color.

If you want to find a matching roof color, the best way to do it is to contact a quality roofer. Roofers have the ability to find roofing samples that closely match your roof and they can directly compare those samples to the roof being repaired. This will save you a lot of time, hassle, and potential embarrassment of having a roof with shingles that look different than the rest.

If you would like help tracking down the right shingles for your roof repair, or if you have any further questions, contact our office at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).