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What Is Roof Ventilation?

Your roof does more than just protect your roof, it also plays a key role in keeping your home’s temperature regulated. A roof’s ventilation system can either raise your energy bills or lower them, depending on how well it is functioning. Ventilation is rarely seen, but it is a very important part of your home.

Typically, you will have a vent called a soffit vent underneath your eaves to function as an intake vent. This sucks air into your attic and underneath your roof. The vents that get rid of hot air can vary. Ridge vents are probably the most effective vent style. They sit up at the peak of your roof, so no hot air can get trapped above the vent. Other vent styles, such as gable or static vents, sit either on the walls at the ends of the attic or on the roof. These styles are also very effective, but some of the hot air can get trapped underneath the vents since they are not situated at the peak of the roof.

Roof ventilation will help lower your energy costs, help regulate the temperature inside your home, and will help prevent ice dams in the wintertime. If you notice high energy bills, it is probably time to get your ventilation checked. It may either be functioning poorly or you may simply not have enough ventilation. Contact a roofing professional for an inspection.

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