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What Is Garden Roof?

A garden roof, rooftop garden, or green roof all reference the same thing. These roofs are a popular alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. They can turn a roof into a new green space, which is a luxury in urban environments. But what exactly makes a garden roof a garden roof?

Garden roofs are composed of layers of vegetation that ultimately make up the roof of a building. Additionally, the base layer is composed of a waterproof membrane to help prevent leaks.

The vegetation is able to absorb water following storms, which reduces the need for expensive drainage. Additionally, the mass of vegetation in the middle of an urban or suburban environment helps improve air quality. All around, garden roofs have grown in popularity because they do an excellent job of protecting homes and buildings and they are extremely environmentally friendly.

Garden roofs are able to reduce energy costs. Traditional asphalt roofs trap heat and become very hot, which makes it more difficult to keep buildings cool. Garden roofs decrease the amount of heat trapped, which means lower energy costs for you. Furthermore, garden roofs are a great way to create an additional living space, especially one that is natural and environmentally friendly.

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