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What Causes Buckling Plywood?

To be blunt, buckling plywood underneath your roof can make your roof look really bad. As it buckles, it pushes up on the shingles causing visible lumps on your roof. This can be really concerning to a homeowner and can also make selling your home nearly impossible. What, then, causes buckling plywood?

When a roofer installs a roof, he or she will lay down a layer of plywood and top it with a layer of felt to protect it from moisture. Sometimes, especially in the case of a leak, the felt can fail and the plywood will absorb all of that moisture. This moisture will cause the plywood to expand and buckling will occur. Buckling typically occurs along seams and around nails.

You can protect against roof buckling by having your appliances vent directly outside so the moisture generated does not end up in the attic. In addition, proper ventilation will help keep your plywood dry. Make sure your vents are clear and have your roof inspected to make sure you are receiving adequate ventilation.

If you have incurred buckling plywood, contact a roofing professional as soon as possible to get it repaired. They can also make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be fixed so that new plywood does not buckle.

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