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What Are Terms That Roofers Use?

Roofing, just like sports, comes with its own set of terms that must be learned. With a little practice, this can be done. Here is a list of some terms and their definitions that roofers use on the job:

Typically metal, this is used to seal a roof near edges and corners to maintain waterproofness

Apron Flashing:
Metal flashing used around chimneys


Bubbles that can form in shingles, usually caused by moisture


The small pieces of rock that are seen on the tops of shingles to keep them protected

Ice Dam:
Ice dams refer to the refreezing of previously melted snow or ice near the gutters that results in a buildup of water, ultimately causing leakage

When a damaged or uneven surface can be seen beneath a top layer of shingles, simply because the top layer is installed over the damaged surface

Sealant applied to shingles that is activated by the sun

When shingles are installed in a way that moves directly up the roof

Material used to bond bricks together, typically seen used on a chimney

The base layer of shingles

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