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What Are Gutter Protection Systems?

Your gutters perform several critical functions for your home. First of all, they help extend the life of your roof by aiding in drainage. Secondly, they work to direct water away from the home and drain it away from the foundation. Without your gutters, water would erode your foundation. Finally, by directing water away from your home, your gutters prevent that water from leaking in through windows and walls and causing mildew, mold, and dry rot. These are all very critical, so it is important to keep them functioning at a high capacity. This is where gutter protection systems come into play.

Gutter protection systems are essentially mesh strainers that are placed over your gutters. Usually, dirt, debris, and leaves will fall in your gutters and clog them up. This forces you to reach into your gutters and clean them. When the gutters clog up, water will spill over the sides and can erode your foundation or lead to ice dams in the winter. The gutter protection systems will catch this debris and allow water to pass through into the gutter.

Sometimes leaves and debris can get stuck on the protection system and it will require sporadic maintenance. However, water is still able to pass through and your gutters will be able to function properly.

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