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Tips To Prevent Roof Leaks During The Winter:

Roof leaks can cause catastrophic damage to your roof and to your home. During the summer, most new leaks can be fixed relatively easily. However, during the winter, those roof leaks are harder to reach. Your roof can become snowy and icy, which prevents you from accessing your roof. In order to prevent leaks in the winter, it is important to be ready and “leak-proof” your roof in the fall. Here are a few ways you can be ready for all the winter weather.

Ice dams are the most common cause of roof leaks during the winter. These occur when snow or ice settles on the roof and then some of it melts near the top of the roof. The water then runs down the roof and refreezes at the bottom. This builds up and creates a “dam” that prevents the roof from draining, which means the water can only escape through the shingles and roof.

Usually, ice dams are caused by poor ventilation. The roof and attic must remain a cold temperature, so taking care of your ventilation system is critical. Keep your vents clear of debris, including snow, to ensure they can operate efficiently. Additionally, make sure your attic is well-insulated. This will help keep any heat in the attic from heating up the roof too much. Finally, installing heat cables can keep snow and ice from forming on your roof in the first place.

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