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Tips For Tile Roof Maintenance:

Tile roofing is a premium roofing style made of clay tiles. These tiles are environmentally-friendly, very long-lasting (50+ year lifespan), they hold their color well, help lower energy costs, and they look great. They are also very expensive, which provides extra incentive to maintain them. Many homeowners do not know where to start when maintaining their tile roofs. That’s why we are here to help.

It is always good to start maintaining your tile roof by inspecting it. You can do this from the ground by looking for broken tiles or other damage. If you would like a more thorough inspection, contact a professional to inspect your roof.

One of the benefits of tile roofs is they require little maintenance. This is one of the reasons it is worth paying a premium price. Mostly, those with tile roofs will only have to worry about gutter maintenance, flashing maintenance, and vent maintenance.

Cleaning out gutters should be a regular occurrence, at least twice per year. If your gutters get clogged before your cleaning date, though, you should clean them out to prevent erosion.

Have your flashing checked for rust and to make sure it is still securely attached. This should be done by a professional, since getting up on a tile roof can be dangerous and could damage your roof.

Finally, check your ventilation system. Having an efficient ventilation system will help prevent ice dams and will lower energy costs.

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