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Should I Tip The Roofer?

Roofing jobs are very expensive, are a huge commitment for a homeowner, and require large amounts of work from the roofing company. For services like roofing, you may be wondering if you should tip them since they are exerting a lot of effort on your roof. Is it customary? Is it frowned upon? Here are a couple of points that will help clear this up.

Typically, tips are not expected by a roofing company or by the roofing crew. This does not mean you must avoid tipping, but it usually is not customary. Should you decide to tip the roofing crew, $10 to $20 per employee would be a nice amount. You could do this on your own or allow the foreman to distribute the money to the crew. However, this is not the only way you can tip the roofing crew.

You can get creative when tipping a roofing crew. A nice touch might be to have coffee, donuts, or breakfast ready for the crew when they arrive in the morning. You could also give them iced tea or cold soda on a hot day.

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