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Three Ways To Make Sure Your House Has Great Ventilation:

Proper roof ventilation is critical to maintaining comfortable temperatures in your home, preventing ice dams, and keeping your energy costs low. Knowing what ventilation you need can be tricky, but that’s what we’re here for. Here are a few ways to make sure your house has great ventilation.

Firstly, a big warning sign that your ventilation is lacking is unusually high energy bills. Once you have a good idea that your ventilation is lacking, it is a good idea to meet with a professional to have them install proper ventilation.

Have ridge vents installed: ridge vents are very common in modern homes because they are very low profile and do the best job of ventilating the attic space. They do the best job of ventilating because they are situated at the top of the roof where no hot air can get stuck above the vents.

Have gable vents installed: gable vents are situated on a wall of the attic that doubles as a wall for the outside of the home. They work well, but may not expel all of the hot air, as they are not at the top of the attic.

Have static vents installed: Static vents are very common as well. These are the square shaped vents that are seen on roofs, and they can be placed near the top of the roof. This means they do a great job of expelling the attic of all the hot air trapped inside.

If you have any further questions about proper roof ventilation in your home or you would like to have roof ventilation installed, please contact our office at (918) 404-5996.

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