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Tearing Off A Shake Roof:

Shake roofs can really make a home stand out and give it some extra curb appeal. They are typically made of cedar, and since they are made of wood, they are completely natural and environmentally-friendly. While they are durable, they can encounter damage and wear over time that will need to be replaced. This is where a tear-off must take place and is easier said than done.

Tearing off shake roofs can be more difficult than tearing off other roof styles, such as asphalt shingle. Wood shakes are typically installed and attached to skip sheathing, rather than plywood decking. This makes the job of uninstalling the shingles more precarious, and should be done by a professional since it is a dangerous job. Using a crowbar or other device, the shingles are pried off and thrown into a dumpster. A tarp should be placed near the dumpster to catch any falling debris and make clean-up easier. Once the roof has been pried off, the new shakes can be installed.

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