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Ice Dams On A Roof:

The winter months can often bring harsh winter weather. The snow and ice that may visit your home during the wintertime does not just collect on the roads and your property, but it collects on your roof as well. This can lead to a roof with so much stress that it causes damage. Another winter problem that can happen to your roof is ice dams.

Ice dams form on your roof as snow or ice melts at the top of your roof, flows down, and refreezes at the bottom of your roof. This is most typically caused by poor ventilation in your attic, where heat trapped in the attic heats the roof enough to melt the snow and ice. Once it refreezes at the bottom of your roof, it builds up to where it affects drainage. Ice dams can also build up due to clogged gutters, since that also affects drainage.

The damage comes as water cannot drain off your roof. It needs somewhere to go, so it can seep through your roof or even refreeze in cracks on shingles. Make sure your roof has proper ventilation to prevent ice dams before the winter months come.

If you have experienced leaks due to ice dams and would like to schedule a repair, contact our office at (918) 558-ROOF (7663).