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How To Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof:

The winter months can wreak havoc on roads, your property, and your roof. Large amounts of snow and ice increase the amount of weight on your roof, which can cause it to give way. It can also cause your shingles to crack and ice dams to develop, which can result in leaks that lead to expensive repairs. However, you can protect your home from the winter weather, keep your peace of mind, and save your wallet.

Although, not as common in Oklahoma, there are the occassional years we get large amounts of snow. If the weather stays cold, snow can continue to collect on your roof, which can cause a whole host of problems. The best way to keep your roof clear of snow in the wintertime is by using a snow rake. These rakes extend out so you can reach the snow on your roof and pull it down. This is the best option for removing snow since it is inexpensive and can be done safely from the ground.

Two other options that work, but are not necessarily recommended, are shoveling the snow off of your roof or using heat cables. Shoveling snow off your roof in the wintertime can be very dangerous, as your roof can freeze and become slick, so this activity should not be done without ropes and a harness. Heat cables cost more than a snow rake or shovel, but can be installed on your roof to melt the snow before it has a chance to build on your roof.

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