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Guarding Your Roof Against Sun Damage

One problem you may encounter with your roof is sun damage. The sun can cause your roof to age quickly and deteriorate, which means you will have to replace your roof prematurely. When the weather turns hot and dry, and the sun beats down on your roof, it can cause cracking and further damage. Once it begins to rain again, your roof can erode and leave you with massive repairs to be made. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to protect your roof from sun damage.

Having your roof coated can help to reflect UV rays and even infrared radiation. In addition, these coatings can be waterproof which provides further protection against erosion.

The second way to protect against sun damage, and most other roof problems, is to have it regularly inspected. A professional will be able to spot all of the little problems that your roof has and you can have them repaired. Any sun damage will hit the weak spots of your roof the hardest, so repairing those spots ahead of time will help protect against big projects and costly repairs.

If you have any further questions about sun damage on your roof or if you would like to schedule a roof repair, give us a call at (918) 404-5996.

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