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How Drones are Impacting the Roofing Industry

Drone have rapidly grown in popularity. While they were initially designed as a piece of equipment for the military to use, they have become commercialized. They are a fun hobby and can also help capture aerial footage for movies, commercials, and at-home videos. In fact, they are even being utilized by the roofing industry.

Many times, portions of a roof can be incredibly high or even inaccessible. If damage was done to a roof like this, it can be extremely dangerous or even impossible to inspect the damage. This presents a problem when trying to provide an estimate for a client. Drones, however, can fly up to these areas and record the damage with great clarity. This allows a roofer to give a more accurate estimate and keeps them safe in the process.

Keeping a roofer safe results in less liability. If a roofer was injured falling off a roof, it could lead to a lawsuit. Drones help protect the roofing company and also protect the roofer since they have no-risk of injury.

Finally, drones drastically decrease time and costs. There is less money spent on labor since a drone can simply fly up to a roof, record the video, and be done. Since they are faster, they also help increase efficiency, and these cost-savings most certainly will be passed on to the customer.

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