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Finding Leaks In Your Roof – Tips:

Roof leaks are a nightmare for any home or business owner. Leaks cost money to repair and can be indicative of larger problems if left unattended. Early detection of leaks can help protect your home, but what are some ways to detect those leaks when they first start?

One fairly simple way to find leaks in your roof is to access your attic space. You can do this on a sunny or rainy day. Once you are in your attic space, look for areas where light or water are coming through your roof. If you spot light peeking through your roof, you can be sure that water will also leak through those cracks.

To spot small leaks, you can shine a flashlight into your attic on a rainy day. Since water reflects light, this will help tremendously. Additionally, take a look at the roof on the outside of your house to spot any larger leaks. Sometimes debris or hail can cause serious damage to your roof, which will most often result in leaks. If this is the case, call a professional as soon as possible for a repair.

Finally, if you have a hunch that your roof is leaking and you are unable to spot the leak, take a garden hose up on your roof. Have a friend or family member stand in the attic while you spray water on your roof. They will be able to spot a leak should any water leak through.

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