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How Do I Tell How Many Layers Of Roofing Are On My House?

When purchasing a home, you may only be checking the roof to see if it’s in good enough shape. Over time, you will probably want to learn more about your roof. When was it installed? What materials were used in its installation? How many layers were used? These are all very valid questions to ask, and the first two can be pretty easy to find out. The last one however, may seem like a challenge to find out, which I why we are here to help.

There are a couple of things to look for to find out how many layers of roofing are on your house. One way you can tell if a roof has multiple layers is by observing it from the ground. The roof may appear kind of lumpy, and even more so around vents, flues, and skylights.

Another thing to observe is the edge of your roof. You can climb a ladder and look at the very edge of your roof’s shingles. If you can see four layers of shingles, that is indicative that your roof was roofed over. This can shorten the life of the roof and weigh it down even though it is usually within the spectrum of what the codes will allow.

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