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How Many Layers of Roofing are Allowed on My Roof?

Sometimes homes may have multiple layers of roofing. This is a fairly common occurrence. Typically, re-roofing jobs are done to save money since there is an additional cost to tear off the old roof and completely replace it. At the same time, the home must stand up to inspection and to code. So how many layers are actually allowed on your roof, and if too many layers are present, will it hurt the resale value of your home?

The answer to the first question: Typically, the maximum number of layers allowed on a roof is two. However, this can vary depending on what was approved by the city. They will sometimes make exceptions in certain cases.

The answer to the second question is yes. A large reason it will hurt resale is that usually, the homeowner’s insurance carrier will only cover the top layer of shingles if the roof becomes damaged. If the damage penetrated underneath this layer, the homeowner will have to pay for that layer. Poor ventilation and more weight are also side effects of too many layers of roofing, which can lower the resale value of the home.

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