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How To De-Ice Your Roof:

Have you had problems with snow or ice on your roof in the past? Here are some tips for you to take control and avoid those problems this winter.

You can purchase heat cables and have them installed on your roof or your gutters to help prevent ice dams. While they do a good job of preventing ice dams, they are not meant to get rid of them after they have formed.

A roof rake is always wise to have on hand in the wintertime. Large amounts of snow can cause significant damage to your roof. Using your roof rake, you can manually remove snow from your roof to lighten the load. It can also be used to remove small amounts of ice.

De-icing chemicals can work wonders for your roof as well. You can find these chemicals online, but be careful to research whether or not they can cause roof damage.

Keep an eye out this winter for heavy amounts of snow or ice. If you notice large accumulations of snow or ice, it is wise to contact a professional. Doing so can help save you the stress and thousands of dollars in damage repairs.

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