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Common Problems with Shake Roofs

Wood shake roofs are an exceptional roofing option.

They are absolutely stunning, adding a rustic aesthetic to a home. They are completely natural and energy efficient, so they are very environmentally-friendly. They are also very durable and can last longer than a typical asphalt roof. However, not all the facets of owning a wood shake roof are positive.

Leaks may occur on every roof, but wood shake roofs can present unique challenges. As the roof ages, the wood shakes can split. Shakes may also split due to storm damage. This presents a large crevice that water can seep into.

Wood shakes are also prime breeding grounds for rot, moss, and algae. Moist and cool air also allow mold and algae to grow very easily. Frayed edges and discoloration of shakes are signs that they are beginning to rot.

The organic nature of these shakes means that the elements can beat them down. Over time, rain, sun, and hot weather can take a toll on these roofs. The result on wood shake roofs is that the shakes will begin to curl or cup, and they must be replaced to avoid leaks.

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