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Drip Edge

The Primary Function Of Drip Edge Is To Aid In Drainage

Many homeowners do not the realize the labor and variety of materials needed to build a roof. This is expected since the only material that stands out at first glance is the shingling. The roof felt, sheathing, flashing, nails, and shingles all work together to build a sound, waterproof roof. One of these materials, drip edge, can be essential in building a well-functioning roof.

Drip edge is essentially a strip of metal flashing that is installed along a roof’s edge. Depending on the geographic region the roof is being constructed in, it will be installed either along the rake or along the eaves, depending on how susceptible the roof will be to high winds. In addition, the drip edge material must be corrosion resistant, should be 36 gauge or heavier, and must have a minimum overlap of two inches.

The primary function of drip edge is to aid in drainage. It is molded to move water away from the roof and helps to protect the decking and the materials underneath the shingles in the process. Your home could potentially experience water damage and erosion in the foundation if it weren’t for drip edge. Additionally, it supports and strengthens your roof, adding to your roof’s lifespan and durability.

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