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Maintaining Your Roof in the Spring

Roofing maintenance is a part of owning a home that should not be ignored. Neglecting roof maintenance can result in leaks, dry rot, and other serious roof and home damage. Roof maintenance should typically be done both in the fall and in the spring. Here we will focus on ways to maintain your roof once the spring months roll around.

One of the main reasons to perform roof maintenance in the spring is because winter can be harsh on your roof. Snow, ice, and debris can clog your gutters and damage your roof. Performing roof maintenance in the spring will allow you to fix any damage the winter did to your roof, and your roof will be functioning properly once spring storms roll in.

Make sure to unclog gutters, clear your roof of debris, and trim up overhanging tree limbs. This will keep your roof draining properly and will ensure it can dry out following storms, protecting against mold and moss growth.

Following the winter months, perform an inspection to look for damaged shingles, missing shingles, and leaks. Should you spot any of these problems, have a professional conduct a more thorough inspection and have any problems repaired before the storms come. Not repairing your roof before severe storms hit can result in serious, expensive damage to your roof and home.

Summer Roofing Maintenance Advice

This is a time of year that, while sunny, can bring along storms and damage. Additionally, the intense heat during the summertime means you could be spending a lot of money in energy costs. Summer roofing maintenance is vital in combating a hot roof and unnecessary roof damage. Here are some summer roofing maintenance tips to keep your roof in top condition this summer.

Inspect your roof. Your roof should be thoroughly inspected a couple times a year, but you can also keep an eye on your roof throughout the year. If you notice missing or damaged shingles, mold growth, or gutter damage, you should have repairs done. Additionally, have your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year to check for underlying problems.

Check your gutters. Not only should you keep an eye out for loose or damaged gutters, but you should clean them out regularly as well. Following spring, a lot of leaves, pollen, twigs, and dirt can end up in your gutter. When storms come, you could be in for a mess of overflowing gutters that erodes your foundation. Keeping your gutters clean will ensure you have an efficient drainage system.

Check the flashing. If you notice flashing that is loose or that is rusting, have it replaced immediately or you could be in for expensive repairs.

Maintaining Your Gutters in the Winter

Gutters are essential to the functionality of your roof. They aid drastically in the drainage of water, which protects your roof and foundation. Drainage is very important during the winter. If your gutters are not operating efficiently, ice dams can easily form. Additionally, clogged gutters in the winter can lead to water overflow. This water can land around your foundation, find its way into cracks, and freeze and expand, causing damage. Proper gutter maintenance will help protect against these problems.

Clean your gutters throughout the winter. Bundle up before heading outside and make sure to wear gloves. Keeping your gutters free of debris will protect against ice dams, leaks, and damage that can form due to refreezing water.

Inspect your gutters and look for cracks and leaks. A leaky gutter can lead to erosion in the foundation. You can fix a leaky gutter by sealing a crack with caulk or by replacing the gutter section with a new section.

Failing to properly maintain your gutters in the winter can result in large amounts of damage. Not only will this cost a lot of money, but some types of damage cannot even be fixed in the wintertime.

Maintaining Trees to Prevent Roof Repair

Many homeowners have large trees in their yards. Trees can certainly liven up a yard and look great however, they are not necessarily great for your roof. Large trees can lead to roof leaks, mold growth, and clogged gutters. If you keep your trees maintained, your roof can live symbiotically with the trees in your yard.

One of the most practical ways to keep your trees maintained is by trimming overhanging tree limbs. Tree limbs can break off in high winds or in ice storms and can damage your roof. They can also allow squirrels and other animals to access your roof and burrow inside your attic, which is a health concern. If you have large overhanging limbs, it is best to contact a professional to have them removed.

In addition to keeping your trees trimmed, make sure to clean out your gutters and keep your roof clear of leaves and twigs. Clogged gutters can lead to mold growth, roof leaks, and ice dams, and a roof full of debris can cause moss and mold growth as well. If you feel comfortable, occasionally sweep off your roof and clean out your gutters. If you would rather someone else do this work, contact a professional. It is better to be safe than sorry when you are working on a roof.

Maintaining Your Skylight

As skylights brighten up your home with natural light, your home can begin to feel bigger. This natural light can also decrease energy costs since there is not as great a need to use electricity. But, like most things, skylights require maintenance. It can be difficult to know how to maintain a skylight, but here are a few helpful tips to keep your skylight in shape.

Skylights can get very dirty, especially on the outside. One side of the glass is exposed to the outdoors, so it is easy for them to get covered in dirt and other debris. However, you can clean up that mess. Wash the glass with water and a soapy solution and make sure to scrub well. Next, you can rinse the skylight, dry it off, and polish it up with some glass cleaner. Remember, the inside of your skylight can also become dirty, so the inside of your skylight should also be cleaned with glass cleaner.

Every now and then, check the ceiling and walls around your skylight. If you notice moisture, your skylight may have a leak. Once the leak is spotted, contact a roofing professional as soon as possible so they can assess the problem and make appropriate repairs.

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