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How To’s #3

How to Know Whether to Repair, Patch, or Replace Your Roof

When disaster strikes or as time wears away at your roof, it may be difficult to come to grips with the costs associated with a roof repair. This may lead you to want to have the cheapest work possible done, but that may not be the best course of action for your roof or your home. Here are a few ways to know whether you should repair, patch, or replace your roof.

Common damage you should be aware of is missing or damaged shingles, black streaks caused by mold, leaks, and dry rot underneath your roof. The extent of damage will determine what course of action you should take for your roof.

If the damage is limited to a relatively small area, such as a few shingles, or if a leak is only in one small area, most likely you can get away with only a repair or patch. If you end up with a small problem, but your roof is at the end of its life, however, it may be a good idea to go ahead and have the roof replaced.

If you notice large amounts of mold growth, large areas of damaged or missing shingles, or large amounts of shingles granules in your gutter, you should go ahead and have your roof replaced.

Meet with a professional to inspect your roof and they will be able to work with you and suggest the best course of action that fits within your budget.

How to Spot a Bad Roofer

Whether you work in the business world, medical field, or construction, you know how important it is to have the job done right. This also applies to your roof. Embarking on a new roofing project can cost you a lot of money and a lot of time even when the job is done right. This makes coping with extra costs and extra time spent due to poor installation very difficult. However, it is not enough to simply point out the problem. How can you spot a bad roofer?

A lack of warranties or poor warranty coverage both indicate a roofer does a poor job. Warranties are so important because they show that a roofer is confident in their work. You can ask a roofer about their warranty options before hiring them. Additionally, certification, such as GAF certification, show that a roofer is reputable and uses quality products.

You can also see how long a roofer has been in business. Sometimes, roofers pop up after storms to make a quick buck, but they have no real experience. You can look online on the BBB website to find out how long a roofer has been in business and if they are licensed.

How to Safely Climb a Roof

Sometimes, simple roof maintenance requires accessing your roof, which puts you in a dangerous situation. However, there are techniques you can use when climbing up your roof that will ensure you safely get the job done.

To start, make an anchor for yourself by tossing a rope over your roof and anchoring it on the other side of the roof. Additionally, purchase and wear a safety harness and attach the rope to the harness instead of tying the rope around your body. Finally, do not tug on the rope as you climb the roof. The rope is not there to help you climb the rope, but is there to act as a lifeline should you slip and fall.

Walk carefully when you are on your roof. Never run or carelessly walk when you are up there. Additionally, stay off your roof if it has been raining or snowing outside. Your roof can become slick and the likelihood of falls increase drastically. It is best to wait until your roof dries out.

Wear tennis shoes when you are on your roof. These will provide appropriate grip and balance as you work.

Lastly, if you are uncomfortable climbing up on your roof or if you have a very steep roof, contact a professional to come do the job. Safety should be the number one priority.

How to Decide Between a Metal and Shingle Roofing System

It can be difficult to choose a material for a new roofing project. You want to pick a material that you will love for years to come, but you also want to choose a material that potential buyers will love as well. Striking this balance while finding a material in your budget can be difficult, but here are a few things to keep in mind to help you make a decision.

Personal preference plays a large role in the selection of your roofing material. While this is not the only factor, you should purchase a roofing material that you will enjoy the look of for years to come.

For most homeowners, the cost of a new roofing system will be the primary concern. Shingle roofs are inexpensive and will last for about 20 years. Metal roofing systems, on the other hand, are more expensive, but they can last for nearly 50 years and sometimes longer.

Look at the roofs of other homes in your area. If most of them are shingle roofs, that indicates what the market is saying. When you go to resell your home, you want to be selling a home that buyers in your area are interested in.

Both of these materials are lightweight, so you do not have to worry about them affecting the integrity of your roof. However, metal roofs require virtually no maintenance while shingle roofs will require seasonal maintenance.

Home Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Roof

No homeowner wants to buy a home only to discover they have unexpected projects to complete. You should be completely confident in the home you are buying. Here are a few things you should look for in a roof when you are buying a home.

A good place to start is to just generally observe the roof. Missing or broken shingles, bald shingles, and mold or moss growth are all signs you will need to, at the very least, make repairs to your roof. They can also be indicative of an aging or severely damaged roof, which means you will need to have a new roof installed once you buy the home.

If you notice a high level of moisture in the home, it could be a sign that the ventilation system needs some work. Moisture can also be a sign of leaks in your roof, so check the attic space for light shining through the roof, or water pouring through the roof if it is a rainy day.

Lastly, check to make sure the gutters are not broken or damaged.

Ultimately, if the roof is in poor shape, but you like the house, a roofing contractor will be able to work with you to install a new roof or repair the old one.

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