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Roof Gutter Varieties

When looking to add curb appeal to your home,

You most likely are thinking about installing a new roof or adding a fresh coat of paint. But there is another way you can add curb appeal and that is by installing new gutters. Gutters come in several different materials that will add some extra flare to your home.

Vinyl gutters are very inexpensive and are customizable. While vinyl gutters will not rust, they do provide a cheaper look than many of the other materials on our list.

Many homeowners use aluminum for their gutters. These gutters are lightweight, inexpensive, they are rust-resistant, and they are very customizable.

Copper gutters are more of a premium style of gutter. They last a long time and will add an instant pop of curb appeal to any home. However, since they are a premium style of gutter, they will be more expensive than most other types of gutter.

Galvanized steel gutters do well to drain water, but they do require a significant amount of maintenance. Special care must be taken to make sure that water is draining optimally from these gutters. If water is not draining properly, galvanized steel gutters can easily rust.

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