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Roof Insulation

Insulation works to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.

This results in lower energy costs. You may notice insulation in your attic space, but it can be installed elsewhere as well. Insulation can be installed in your roof, but is this worth the money? What benefits does added roof insulation provide?

Roof insulation usually comes in two materials: spray foam and fiberglass. Spray foam can harden and fit to any form, which makes it ideal for a roof.

Roof insulation will help protect against cold temperatures in the winter and helps prevent ice dams caused by hot air in your attic. Insulation will keep warm air from escaping, making sure it does not melt snow and ice on your roof and keeping your energy bills down.

Roof insulation also works well during the summer to keep hot air outside and cool air inside your attic. This is especially important for those with a dark roof. Dark roofs absorb a lot of UV rays, which gradually heats up your attic space and your home. While having a lighter-colored roof installed will help reduce the heat in your attic, insulation is cheaper way to maintain cooler temperatures and lower energy bills.

If you would like to have roof insulation installed or if you have any further questions for us, give us a call at 918-558-ROOF.

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