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Does a New Roof Add Value to a Home?

When investing a large amount of money, you want to make sure the investment is worth it in the long-run. This is especially true for homeowners looking to invest in a premium roof. This category of premium roofs is heavily dominated by tile roofs. So, does a new roof add value to a home when selling it?

Clay tile roofs, metal roofs, and other expensive roofs, look fantastic. They are simultaneously gorgeous and are durable and come with energy-saving benefits. However, while a new roof with a good warranty will certainly add value to your home when it is time to sell, you may not get all the money back that you spent on the roof.

One major benefit, though, of purchasing a new, good-looking roof is it can add curb appeal. This won’t work with every new roof, but can be especially effective if the new roof you are installing matches other roofs in your area. A cheap roof (relative to the market) will cheapen your home and an expensive roof will mean you won’t get your money back on the investment. Examine the homes in your area before deciding on a type of roof.

How Many Skylights Do I Need?

Skylights can be used as a great feature to brighten up your home by letting additional natural light into your home. This extra natural light can also function to warm up your home in the wintertime and lower energy costs by reducing the need to turn on lights. However, all homes and the rooms they contain will vary in size and in the need for light. So, do I need additional skylights?

One standard skylight should be enough to brighten up a 300 sq. ft. room but the trend towards more open floor plans may require an additional skylight. Consult a roofing professional and they will know if a large room will require another skylight.

Before considering if you need extra skylights, check to see if the first one is performing optimally. Skylights will work best when they are installed on an open area on a roof and are not blocked. Anything that blocks, such as chimneys, walls, and overhanging trees, will decrease effectiveness by preventing light from reaching the opening. If a tree is the main issue, trimming it up will let in more light as well as protect your roof from mold, moss, debris, and animals.

Glass Roofs

Modern roofs are made up of many different materials, the most common material being asphalt shingles. While these roofs are lightweight, inexpensive, and durable, they do not provide the stylings of other types of roofs. This is one of the main reasons why glass roofs have grown in popularity. What, then, is a glass roof?

There is nothing tricky about the composition of a glass roof. They simply are roofs that are constructed using glass instead of asphalt, wood, or clay. However, these roofs are not installed just using one large glass sheet. The glass is installed using multiple panels. For one, using panels helps improve the strength and integrity of the roof. Panels also allow roofers to create more unique shapes and angles in the roof than if they were to use one glass sheet.

Glass roofs are usually not used in an entire home, but they are used in interior rooms. A glass roof allows a room with no or few windows to have access to plenty of natural light. Not only does natural lighting brighten up the space, it also helps improve your mood and save you money on electricity costs.

How Many Downspouts Do I Need for My Roof?

Gutters and downspouts are extremely important parts of your roofing system. Without them, your home’s foundation would erode, your walls could develop dry rot, and you would be left with thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs. For these systems to work, they have to be set up properly. So, how many downspouts does your home need?

Gutters and downspouts help drain water from your roof, but if you have too few downspouts, the water will not drain properly. This results in water flooding over the gutters and eroding your foundation and possibly destroying your walls.

Most downspouts are 3”x 4” and these typically work if there is one placed every 35 feet. You can also calculate this depending on the square footage of your roof. A
3”x 4” downspout does well to drain 1200 sq. ft. of roof, while a 2”x 3” downspout does well to drain about 600 sq. ft. of roof. Take the square footage of your roof and divide by these numbers.

For example:
3000 sq. ft. roof
3”x 4” downspout
3000 sq. ft./1200 sq. ft.= 2.5

You will need to round this number up to make sure you have sufficient drainage, so you would need 3 of the 3”x 4” downspouts for a roof this size.

How Much to Install a Tile Roof?

Tile roofs are a high-end roofing option. Compared to asphalt shingle roofs, they are much more durable, can last 30+ years longer, have a more unique look, and are more environmentally-friendly. These roofs certainly are the cream-of-the-crop in the roofing industry. Since they are high-end, how much do they cost to install?

Clay tile roofs provide many benefits that other roofs cannot provide. They are designed so there is a gap under the shingle. This creates natural ventilation on your roof that will aid in lowering energy costs. In addition, they are made from clay, which is a natural material. This results in a very environmentally-friendly material that can be completely recycled, and it does not harm the environment. They also can last for over 50 years, they hold their color well, and they can withstand high winds and large hail.

All these features do come with a relatively large price tag, however. Clay tile roofs can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 to install. In comparison, asphalt shingle roofs can easily be installed for $3,000 to $4,000.

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