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How To Find A Leak On My Roof:

Small leaks may seem relatively harmless at first but they can cause large amounts of damage. Leaks can weaken the structure of your roof over time causing dry rot. These small leaks can end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Spotting the leaks early and having them repaired is critical to keeping repair costs on the lower end. So how can you find a leak on your roof?

A good place to start is in your attic, not on your roof. This way of spotting a leak is usually more effective and is less dangerous. One way to find leaks is to head out into your attic with a flashlight and take a look around, shining the flashlight to look for holes. However, another way can be even more effective.

Go out into your attic and really examine it. Many times, you can spot sunlight peering through a hole in your attic. If sunlight is able to get through, so is water. You can also head into your attic on a rainy day and see if water is coming through.

If you cannot wait for a rainy day and are convinced that you have a leak, have someone spray water onto your roof with a hose. While they are spraying the water, you can be inside your attic looking for leaking spots. Furthermore, you can call a professional to do a thorough inspection if you want to be absolutely sure of where the leak is originating.

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