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Roof Inspections

Why Are Roof Inspections Important?

All throughout the year, wear and tear affects a roof’s performance. A roof is a valuable asset to your home and having a reguar roof inspection and special maintenance program will help keep your it in top condition.

A successful roof management program depends on periodic inspections and regularly scheduled maintenance. Several reasons for having a roof inspection are because of leaks caused by storms, hail damage, falling tree limbs, loose granules, ice, high winds or even roof and chimney flashing mistakes.

Regular Roof Inspections

Outdoor Creations Roofing inspections can make your roof look better, last longer, and protect your home more effectively.

Our team of professional roofers can catch small problems before they turn into bigger and more costly problems.  We can reverse the effects of wear and tear and prevent your roof from prematurely failing.   

What Exactly Happens During A Roof Inspection?

What kinds of things do professional roofers look for while they are there and what can you expect?

Exterior Inspection

First of all, we will asses the outside part of your roof. We look for worn down material and any noticeable chipping or cracking. Next, we will make sure there are no slope irregularities or signs of leaks.  Lastly,  we check the chimney and  make sure that all water is running smoothly on the front.

Interior Inspection

Second, we inspect the interior of your roof by going into the attic. We check the R-Value of your interior roof to ensure suitable insulation. We check for moisture infiltration which can be caused by poor ventilation. Mold will grow in attics that suffer from moisture infiltration and poor ventilation.

A Roof Diagnosis

Upon completion of the exterior and interior roof inspection, we will give your roof a final assessment, or diagnosis. At this point, we will let you know if there is damage to your roof and the extent of any damage.  We will include a recommended solution for you to consider and will provide a cost estimate for any repairs.

Ensure that your roof stays beautiful year after year.  Let us serve your roofing needs with a free inspection. 918-404-5996.


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