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Commercial Materials Pros & Cons

When it comes to a commercial property, most buildings need more durable materials that are uniquely suited to buildings with slight roof slopes or no slopes at all.

If you need advice from an experienced commercial roofing contractor, we’ll help you understand the various commercial roof materials and provide you with no-obligation quotes for our services.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the most common types of commercial roofs:


TPO White Membrane

Pros: Economical and reasonably priced, TPO is durable, energy efficient, resists mold growth and dirt accumulation.  It looks great on many different building styles and is easy to install, which means lower labor costs.

Cons: Because it is considered a newer roofing technology, manufacturers aren’t sure of its longevity.  Also, TPO does not stand up well to increased heat load.  



Pros: Metal roofs are naturally fire-resistant, very durable, recyclable and environmentally friendly.  They also require little maintenance.

Cons: They are expensive, prone to weather and wind damage, and can become dented and scratched if they’re not built from high-quality metal products.



Pros: Tile roofs are durable lasting 50 years or longer and hold up well in harsh weather conditions. They are practically maintenance free, are recyclable and energy efficient.  Tile roofs are fire resistant, insect and pest resistant and can be easily cleaned or reused.  They are a good investment and increase property value and visual appeal.

Cons: The main drawback for installing a tile roof is the cost, due to the intricate process involved.  It requires experienced specialists and the installation time takes longer than other roofing materials. 


Tar & Gravel

Pros: This type of roofing has been around for more than a century so it is a proven method.  Watertight seal over the roof protects the bottom layers from damage.  The gravel surface makes it very durable against everyday wear and tear.  

Cons: Not as resilient and flexible in wide-open expanses and in cold weather.


Liquid EPDM

Pros: The biggest advantage that Liquid EPDM roofing is cost. It is one of the most inexpensive roofing materials around. The material is very lightweight and easy to install It holds up well in sunny climates and is relatively durable.  

Cons: The appearance resembles a stretched out innertube rolled out on the roof so it is not very visually appealing.  Although easy to repair, Liquid EPDM roofing can also puncture fairly easily.


Modified Bitumen

Pros: Modified bitumen is cost-effective and offers excellent uplift resistance when properly installed. It provides a seamless, waterproof cover and can be treated to offer a high level of fire resistance.

Cons: Modified Bitumen roofs are black in color so they absorb heat.  Bitumen roofing comes in 1, 2, or 3-ply. 1-ply is not durable and can break down prematurely.  To get more longevity, one needs the  2 or 3-ply material which cost significantly more.  This can make it one of the most costly types of flat roofing products around.
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