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Flat Roof Systems

All roofing systems have their own pros and cons. It is important to note these differences in order to find the best option for your project. Flat roofs have very little slope when compared to others, but the many benefits and increased popularity of flat roofing systems make them an excellent option.



Safety – Self-adhering membrane systems eliminate the need for open flames on your roof. A flat surface is also much easier and safer to work on.

Fume and Odorless – Unlike conventionally applied systems, flat roofs eliminate the fumes and odors caused by hot asphalt or solvent-based adhesives.

Lower Cost – Installing a flat roof over a pitched roof will save you several thousand dollars in up-front costs. Flat roofs also require less time to install, saving you even more.

Enhanced Space – Flat roofs allow for easily accessible extra space. Whether it’s for storage, solar panels, or planting a roof top garden, the possibilities are nearly endless. Many businesses will also utilize the space to entertain clients or customers by turning it into a living roof to enjoy the outdoors.

Fire Safety – As the structure is made with steel rather than wood there is a much higher fire safety rating.

Great for HVAC – It is very common to place air conditioning and heater units on a flat roof. This is usually impossible for slanted roofs.



One of the most important aspects of designing a flat roof is its ability to drain water. Slanted roofs naturally allow water to flow away from the roof and into the surrounding gutters, but flat roofs will pool water and this can be a problem. Here at Outdoor Creations Roofing, water drainage is a top priority. We design our roofs around the best possible drainage system available to the structure.



Maintenance is very important to ensure the long life-span of your flat roof. A good maintenance program can help you avoid major problems and additional repairs. At Outdoor Creations Roofing, our experts are readily available to design a custom program to ensure the protection and structural integrity of your home or business.



We pride ourselves in being a company of the highest quality service, materials, and expertise. Our free limited system warranty protects against material defects up to 15 years. We also offer an optional extended warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship errors up to 20 years.

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