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Roof Vent Installation

Proper Vent Installation Makes all the Difference

When it comes to extending the life of a roof, proper attic ventilation is key. Trapped heat and moisture can damage your roof and raise energy costs. Moisture can come from outside but also inside your home.

Attic ventilation is an important part of maintaining your roof because it minimizes temperature fluctuations and extends roof life expectancy.

When replacing your roof, have your contractor inspect your attic ventilation to make sure any issues get corrected.  They know how to spot the signs of water penetration and will go over your roof thoroughly, looking for damage on the vent stack cover, the pipe, and the protective layers where it meets the roof.


Let us help

At Outdoor Creations Roofing, we know the regulations and requirements set in place to allow your roof to vent properly.  Too often, we come across homes that aren’t ventilated correctly and need to be adjusted.  Our knowledgeable team will always ensure your roof is functioning in full.

Let our professionals inspect and repair your roof’s leaking vent stacks. Outdoor Creations Roofing offers the highest quality service, materials and warranty.



Vent stack waterproofing consists of a wide collar called flashing.  It is placed under the shingles and around the opening for the pipe.

Over time, flashing can be destroyed by rust, rodents, UV damage and storms.  Our roofing professionals can examine all of the components and make recommendations for improvements.


A gasket and pipe covering are then usually added to the vent stack.

Gaskets typically fail because they develop small rips, allowing water to trickle past the flashing next to the vent pipe and into your home.

Vent-Stack Covers

A vent stack cover protects vent pipes from becoming clogged with debris, birds’ nests, and squirrel droppings. Some vent stacks are topped with mesh and some are fitted with rodent-proof caps.  Others might be finished with exhaust fans to pull out bad air.

If you think you are experiencing leaking roof vent issues, call us today to find solutions.  918-404-5996



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