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Different Kinds of Roofs

Pros and Cons of Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are the most common type of roof in use today. You would be hard-pressed to drive through a neighborhood and not spot an asphalt shingle roof. Why are they so common? Are there any downsides to these roofs?

Asphalt shingle roofs are good-looking roofs with more to offer than appearance alone. These roofs are inexpensive compared to other styles of roofing, but they still provide great protection. They will last for 15-20 years, are very easy to install and remove, are lightweight, and are durable. In addition, they can be purchased in many different colors, and the lighter colored shingles reflect UV rays. This means that your homes stay more comfortable and your energy bills will go down.

Unfortunately, these shingles are covered in granules that can come loose, which can lead to premature wear and cause leaks. Cracks can also form in these shingles, causing leaks. Finally, while these roofs can last 20 years, that may not be long enough for those who wish to live in their homes for a long time. Clay tile roofs, for example, can last for 50+ years. Overall, though, the pros of shingle roofs outweigh the cons, which is why they are so popular.

Solar Roofs

Many homeowners have begun switching to solar energy, at least in part, to save money on energy costs. While small panels can be used to power appliances or parts of the home, large panels can be fitted to power an entire home. While effective, these panels are not the most aesthetically pleasing. This is where the solar roof comes into play. What exactly is a solar roof and what is its purpose?

Solar roofs have been popularized by companies like Tesla and Solar City. Their solar roofs are roofs in which solar panels are built into the shingles. They work like any other solar panel, but they are designed to look exactly like shingle roofs. Furthermore, the energy collected by the roof is moved to a battery pack that is installed on the home so the energy can be stored and used later.

Today’s solar roofs look like high-end asphalt shingle, slate, and clay tile roofs. These roofs are very environmentally-friendly and they pay off in the long-run. They certainly are costly and are a large investment, but they will save you money down the road. If you plan on staying in your home for many years to come, a solar roof is a great option.

Why Buy a Copper Roof

Copper is a unique material that has been used through human history for many different uses. It has been used to make weapons, tools, and jewelry. It has also been used in construction, and roofing is no exception. Copper roofs have grown in popularity for several reasons.

First of all, copper roofs are very durable. Some materials are cheaper than others and frequently require repair or replacement. Copper has been trusted by humans for millennia and has an extremely long lifespan. Some copper roofs have even remained intact for centuries.

Copper roofs are also good for the environment. Asphalt shingle roofs are made from asphalt and at the end of their lives, they usually end up in a dump. They also can emit harmful fumes over time. Copper roofs are completely natural, many times made of recycled copper. Since they are natural, there is no risk of toxic fumes.

The nature of these roofs also means pests cannot eat away at your roof. Whether it be termites, squirrels, or raccoons, they will all have a hard time picking at your roof.

Lastly, copper creates a unique aesthetic that is very pleasing. It works well to create curb appeal.

Ways Green Roofs Have Been Used

Green roofing is a unique roofing style. Instead of a sloped, shingled area to protect the building underneath, it is used as an outdoor area. These roofs are typically used in cities and they provide a natural escape from the large masses of concrete. This gives a lot of flexibility to building owners in this extra space. Here are a few ways green roofs have been used.

Green roofs are topped with soil and vegetation rather than shingles. This makes for a beautiful space and provides exceptional storm drainage. Since these areas are so green and natural, they can be used as a garden space. Building occupants can plant fruits and vegetables to be harvested when ready.

They can also be used as a meeting and exercise area. Productivity increases when employees are able to move around during the day. Exercising in the green space or having occasional meetings there can increase the productivity and quality of life of employees.

While not a use, green roofs can help decrease costs in the long run and even help conserve water.

Should I Have a Black Roof Installed

It is not uncommon to drive through a neighborhood and spot multiple black roofs. A black roof is a bold choice that creates plenty of curb appeal. Black is also a more neutral color, meaning it will match a wide array of paint colors, giving you options over the course of owning your home. It is important, however, to be aware of the drawbacks of having a black roof installed.

Oklahoma summers can get extremely hot, heating your attic up to nearly 150 degrees on really hot days. Ideally, you want a roof that is able to reflect heat, which will create a much more stable temperature in your attic and home. Just like with black clothing, black roofs absorb large amounts of heat. In contrast, lighter colored roofs reflect heat better and create cooler attic temperatures.

While black roofs absorb heat, creating higher temperatures and raising energy bills, they still create curb appeal and can go a long way when trying to sell your home. You can also take measures to lower energy costs through the use of solar energy and/or proper attic ventilation if you would like a black roof.

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