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How To’s #1

How to Find & Fix Drafty Windows

Drafty windows can be a nuisance, create uncomfortable temperatures in your home, and lead to high energy bills. Additionally, you want to find drafty windows so you can fix them, but they can be difficult to find. How, then, can you locate your drafty windows and once you do, how can you fix them?

First of all, a sign you may have drafty windows is elevated energy bills. If you notice high energy bills, you should check your windows so you can fix the issue. Sometimes you can spot a leak if you see a crack around your windows, but this usually doesn’t happen. The best way to to check is to shut all windows and doors, turn on all exhaust fans (dryer, bathroom fan, or stove vent), and light an incense stick and wave it around your windows. If you notice smoke getting sucked through the window, it needs to be sealed. You can also hold a candle up to a window on a windy day to see if the flame bends.

Once you have identified a drafty window, remove all old caulk and glazing on the window by scraping it off. Then apply new glazing, allow it to dry and seal it with new caulk. Allow the caulk to dry, and then you should be all set.

How to Analyze Return on Investment on Roof Replacement

When preparing to sell your home, you may be thinking about whether or not to replace your roof. This especially is the case if your roof is old. Replacing your roof will certainly give your house more curb appeal, but will you get your money back when you go to sell your house? Here are a couple things to think about to know what kind of return on investment you will get.

Replacing an old roof when you are selling can actually improve structural integrity of the home. This is money you otherwise would have lost when a potential buyer had an inspection done.

If you have new insulation installed with a new roof, it will lower energy costs for you while you are still living in your home and for the prospective buyer. This could potentially be a selling point that could get you a little extra money.

The final thing that will affect return on investment is the cost of the new roof. A new standard asphalt shingle roof will give you more curb appeal and will be more trustworthy for a buyer, which could be incentive for them to pay more. However, too expensive of a roofing system can have an adverse effect. A homeowner may not recoup the expense if they install, for example, a tile roof.

On average, a homeowner can expect to receive 60% return on investment on a roof replacement. For a more precise number, contact a roofing professional to get an estimate.

How to Increase the Energy-Efficiency of Your Roof

Not only do energy-efficient homes help the environment, they can also save you money. Having an energy-efficient home starts with your roof, but what should a homeowner be focused on when trying to increase the energy-efficiency of their roof?


Ventilation is key. If your roof is not properly ventilated, hot air has a hard time escaping your attic during the summer. Ultimately, this increases the temperature of your home as hot air becomes trapped. When the temperature of your home is elevated, your cooling system has to work extra hard to maintain comfortable temperatures, raising your energy costs. Proper ventilation helps lower energy costs and helps you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home.


Your roofing material also impacts the energy-efficiency of your home. Darker-colored shingles, especially asphalt shingles, absorb heat and raise the temperature of your home. Lighter-colored roofs and metal roofs reflect heat well, which results in lower temperatures inside your home, ultimately lowering energy costs.


Perhaps most notably, attic insulation affects the energy-efficiency of your home. Insulation helps to keep cool air in your home during the summer, keep warm air in during the winter, and helps keep the air outside out of your home. This results in more stable temperatures, meaning less work for your home.

How to Find a Good Contractor

If you are looking to have a roof repair or installation done but do not know where to start, you have come to the right place. If you have never started a roofing project, it can be hard to know which roofer you should choose. That is why we are here. Here are a few things to look for when you are looking for a roofing contractor.

Look up your local roofers and take note of the companies that pop up. Looking up these companies on the BBB website is extremely beneficial. First of all, you will be able to tell which roofers are well-established and licensed. Many roofing companies pop up after a storm to make extra money, but they are not in the full-time roofing business. You want someone with experience to work on your roof. Additionally, the BBB website will offer reviews on these companies so you can make an informed decision on who to proceed with.

After narrowing down your options, meet with them and discuss your needs. See how willing they are to work with you and ask them questions about previous projects, certification, and warranty options. Good roofing contractors will offer warranties on their roofs since they are confident in the work they do. Warranty options and GAF certification are two signs that you will be in good hands.

How to Beat the Heat with a Cool Roof

Summers in Oklahoma are scorching hot. Not only does this affect you when you go outside, but it can affect the temperature inside your home as well. Just like how black clothes absorb heat in the summer, dark colored roofs will do the same. This can lead to uncomfortable temperatures and high energy costs. However, there are some precautions you can take.

One option is to replace your roof with a lighter colored roof. This is a more expensive option, but it will work wonders to lower your energy costs and will be long-lasting.

One of the best ways to cool your building is to install a white coating on your roof, but this is meant for commercial roofs. It works the same way as a lighter colored roof, by reflecting the sun’s UV rays. White coatings are more inexpensive than replacing a roof and they work very well. Not only do they lower energy bills and keep your air conditioning from working so hard, they also protect the roof surface underneath. Less exposure to UV rays means your roof will not wear as quickly as if it were exposed.

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