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Home Maintenance – Fall

Autumn brings about changes in the weather and landscapes. These changes are not always welcome and can be a shock to your system. However, while you may be disappointed that summer is over, a fall maintenance plan should be established. Here are a few ways you should maintain your home this fall.

One of the most important things you can do in the fall is clean out your gutters. The fall brings a lot of rain with it and your gutters will need to be performing well to drain all of the water. Check your gutters every few weeks this fall to make sure they are not clogged.

It may be tempting to leave leaves in your yard to let them decompose, but you should rake them up regularly. Insects and fungi love the moist, organic areas where leaves collect and this can wreak havoc on your grass.

Have screens installed over your roof’s vents. Animals get cold during the fall and your attic and insulation are warm areas they like to escape to. This can cause damage to your roof and insulation, but it can also cause diseases to spread in your home.

How Do Roof Leaks Form?

Nobody enjoys finding leaks in their roof. Not only are leaks expensive to repair, but they can cost a lot of time as well and can keep businesses from operating. Being able to prepare for leaks and spot them early on can help lessen the anxiety next time you find a leak. So, then, how do roof leaks form?

Damaged shingles have a major impact on roof leaks. Shingles act as the first and toughest line of defense against rain and the elements. A cracked, damaged, or bald shingle is weakened and more prone to leaks. Spotting signs of damage early on will allow you to repair your shingles and stop leaks before they even begin.

Another cause of roof leaks is faulty skylight installation. If any bad materials were used or if the hole for the skylight was improperly measured, water can easily seep through your skylight and into your home.

Ice dams can cause leaks in the wintertime. Ice dams are caused by melting snow and/or ice on your roof that refreezes at the bottom of the roof, preventing proper drainage. The water gets backed up and can seep through your shingles and into your home. The water can also refreeze in cracks in your shingles and cause damage.

Being able to spot problems ahead of time will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Make sure to perform a roof inspection about twice a year to look for signs of damage.

How Birds Affect Roofs

No matter if you live in the countryside, the suburbs, or in the city, birds will end up on your roof from time to time. Since this is so common and birds seem like they aren’t affecting your roof much, this may seem like a trivial matter. However, birds can have a significant impact on your roof.

Birds sitting on your roof may appear harmless at first glance, but they cause damage to your roof. For example, birds eat many acidic foods, which makes their droppings very acidic as well. If these droppings land on your roof and are not removed, the acids can eat away at your shingles. This damage could end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. If you spot bird droppings on your roof, make sure to take out a garden hose and wash them off.

Birds also like to nest in gutters. This, too, may appear harmless enough, but their nests can clog up the gutters and prevent your roof from draining after a storm. This backed up water can splash up under your eaves or pool on your roof, which significantly increases the chance of your roof getting a leak.

Leaves are an Enemy to Your Roof

As summer turns to autumn, fall tree leaves become pleasant to admire. They seem relatively harmless, but they are actually an enemy to your roof. They can lead to various types of damage, ranging from minor to severe.

Fall leaves collecting on your roof may, at the very least, be annoying. However, they can also cause major damage. Leaves, as they collect, create a moist atmosphere that blocks sunlight from drying out your roof. This creates a breeding ground for mold and moss growth. Both mold and moss can cause damage to your roof as they grow, and they can cause health problems inside your home as well. It is safest to simply clean the leaves off your roof if you notice a large buildup.

Leaves can also block the flow of water to your gutters or clog your gutters entirely. Water that is unable to drain from your roof will more easily seep through crevices in your roof and cause leaks. It can also flow over the sides of your gutters, which can eat at the foundation of your home and cause water damage in your walls.

Properly Maintaining and Cleaning Skylights

Skylights can brighten up your home by letting in natural light, which can make the rooms in your home feel bigger. The extra light can also help with energy costs by decreasing the need for turning on your lights. But, like any other part of your roof, skylights require maintenance. Many homeowners are unsure how to maintain their skylights so here are a few helpful tips to help your skylight let in natural light and keep water out.

Skylights can get quite dirty. Since one side of them is on the outside of your home, they can get caked with pollen and dirt. Try to go out on your roof on a relatively cool, shady day, as this will give you the best results. First, wash away the dirt with a soap and water solution. Next, after scrubbing and drying, use a glass cleaner to finish. You should also clean the inside of your skylight using a glass cleaner but make sure to take proper safety precautions when cleaning on a ladder.

Keep an eye on the ceiling and walls around your skylight. If they appear wet in any way, your skylight could have a leak. Should this occur, contact a roofing professional immediately to inspect it and make repairs.

Check the glass in your skylight as well. Falling tree branches and wind-blown rocks can hit the glass and cause it to crack. If you spot any cracks, you should have a roofing professional repair it as well.

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